Noyez-moi d’Hubert Bolduc

Posted in June 2016 in live shows


The body of Albert that person will never come to claim is found in her bathtub. Who is this man alone unto death ? What secrets hidden ? Luc, the owner of his apartment, part search this mysterious identity.
It then follows the wanderings of Luc, the loss of landmarks of Albert who sinks into Alzheimer's disease, through a set of round trip that combines the past and the present and associates the two men in a single figure of man seeking to give meaning to his life.

Drown me us results in a heartbreaking story where it is not easy to exist without the eyes of others.
Taking birth of a fact, This show is intended to be a reflection on this qUOI we aspire be. This tragic death plunges the protagonist into a deep questioning of himself, of his life.

What happens you it when death confronts life and questioned the progress made up to now ? In a world where everything goes too fast, where one does not take the time to stop and appreciate what surrounds us, It has that inevitable day where everything switches. This text pays tribute to our daily lives that, too often banal in our eyes, loses its meaning.

Like a film script, 8 characters meet, love, tear, leave themselves, forget themselves. Mixing video and scenic game, the viewer finds two completely different lives, but that will echo to the other.
The scene on the screen, This creation immerses us in a strange and sweet world, sensitive and violent, humanly touching.

Stéphane Bhandare, Emilie Bourel, Guillaume Caubel, Armel Cessa, Marion Denys, Carmen Ferlan, Pauline Mohammad Reza and Denis Rolland

Text and staging : Hubert Bolduc
Directing assistance: Oriane Hooh
Decor: Daphnée Lemieux Boivin
Costumes and sound environment: Hubert Bolduc
Vidéo: Romain Bau
Lights: Simon Cornevin

Co-production :
Crumbs in the NOGGIN (Québec)
and the company Heliosselene (France) directors-en-scene-2016.drown me