The Chimeras Ball Opening Ceremony of the Festival of the Future Compound.

Le Bal des Chimères  Cérémonie d’Ouverture du festival du futur Composé.

Affiche Bal des Chimeres

A walking tour to discover the lost balls in the Salon de l'Hôtel de Ville in Paris. An original staging by Guillaume Caubel.

Announced in recent months as an event in more than a dozen institutions of Ile de France and by the national press, come in large numbers and costumed to 5 Lobeau Street to attend and dance to the great Chimeras Ball.

It's Verdi himself., that opens the doors of his imagination and invites us to his fantasy ball. Under a overwhelming Iberian sun, Guests, came from all over the world and dressed in their finest costumes, have made the trip through all eras... A beautiful Andalusian sketches Flamenco's hits while a Parisian titi sends back some charming smiles. All came to discover previews of a new opera called Traviata. Not far away, Violetta's "counter-mi" vibrates the chandeliers and let the Sempre Libera sound. Strange keepers whispered in our ears a few verses, while the barkers distribute the Chimeras Ball Gazette to us.

You'll have to choose a route, Pace, misplace us, to find us better. The atmosphere promises to be vaporous and a little in love ...

But who is therefore at the origin of this affabulation ? Rumor has it that it is Violetta who, by an excess of megalomania, would have privatized the three salons of the Town Hall. Others claim that it was Verdi who dragged us into his allegorical delirium. It seems that the door to all the delusions of the imagination is open and that the only password to unravel the mysteries of Chimeras Ball or " Mixed".

"Festival of the Future Compound. Autism and culture. The Chimeras Ball". Design, Staging Guillaume Caubel. By the "Helioséléné Company" and a "Hundred of Autistic Youth"

"The Festival of the Future Compound" brings together
All our differences so that finally together
We're building a slightly less bitter future
Which opens at the Town Hall with the "Ball of Chimeras"
From the "popular" and sincere Town Hall. Under the sign of a shake-up and fair,
The wheel revolves around the workshops where the shops are crowded
A crowd hungry for surprises and sweets
To taste, while pocketing a balloon
To let go when the huge puppets
Will come and join the party.

A cabaret evening full of varieties
Where everyone puts their own special features.
To participate in joy, all are invited
Discover an enchanted Traviata
By vocalizations of infinite purity.
A nice surprise not to be missed !
In superb Violetta, Estelle Micheau
Honours the Grand Salon and, at the heart, hot weather.

A flamboyant Flamenca dancer,
As in Spain, Lori La Arménia,
Announces recreational bullfighting
Orchestrated by countless girls and guys ...
And it is with Carmen that everything will end.

Beatrice Chaland /b.c.lerideaurouge
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